The Details Company: More than Meet the Eye

Ever set up a mind-blowing décor and the details were not captured? Or did you plan an amazing event and the pictures of the set-up were not captured the way you wanted it?

The Details Company is here to save the day. An affiliate of JOP Studios, The Details Company was launched in 2018 to focus on the intricate details that tell stories about your event. By getting up-close and personal professional shots of the ambience, set-up, food, decoration, after-party effects and all other details, we add a unique perspective to your event and make memories of every celebration exceptional.

We know that a lot of hard work and creativity is put into setting up details that make up every event and it can be annoying when these distinct and beautiful details are overlooked in the loud fanfare.

Do not worry. The Details Company exists to celebrate your artistry. Have a look at the gallery below.