Solape & Dipo: Nike Art Gallery Prewedding, Lekki

Solape and Dipo’s 2014 pre-wedding shoot was a very interesting and personal one for us as it was one of the first weddings Jide and Morayo handled together before they got married.
We used two locations for this pre-wedding shoot: Nike Art Gallery and the Beach.

During the shoot, Morayo suggested poses for the coupole. Solape and Dipo seemed hesitant at first but soon loosened up when they discovered that she was Jide’s girlfriend (and He soon put a ring on it!)
At the time, Morayo and Jide Odukoya had separate photography businesses. Who knew they would run a business together a few years down the line? We did 😉

Solape and Dipo’s pre-wedding shoot made Jide and Morayo realise that they worked well together. People loved the idea of them being together for any shoot and became more and more comfortable.
This helped with prospective Northern weddings in which Jide was not allowed to enter the bride’s room, so Morayo handled those.

Solape and Dipo’s pre-wedding shoot was such a defining experience for us and we loved every bit of it!