Andy + Uba: The Bride that wanted an all black and white wedding photos

Andy had always envisioned a black and white themed wedding, with crisp and classic portraits that tell a story. During our first meeting with her wedding planner, we learned that Andy wanted everything to be perfect, particularly her wedding photos. After much inspiration-seeking on Pinterest, she found us as the ideal photographers to bring her vision to life.

The day of the wedding finally arrived and Andy was overflowing with excitement. She donned her exquisite white bridal gown and walked down the aisle, surrounded by her loved ones. After the ceremony, we began capturing the bright and crisp black and white photos. Andy posed with a smile, radiating confidence and beauty.

As professional photographers, shooting in black and white is a familiar task for us as we use black and white displays to quickly assess the exposure and contrast of our shots. However, delivering the final images to Andy in solely black and white was a new and exciting experience for us.

As the night progressed, Andy and her husband danced and celebrated with their guests. The combination of the bright and cheerful all-white photos and the dark and romantic all-black images perfectly encapsulated their special day.